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[Gwm-general] test duke

From: Apollinaire Woolery
Subject: [Gwm-general] test duke
Date: Sat, 10 Jun 2006 05:55:38 -0700


ClALl tg S from on mu ly $ ef 3,7 tl 5
S my oma
Xana du x
Pro bs zac
Merid vo ia
Levitr yu a
Amb xm ien
VlAGR bs A from o tr nly $ sw 3,3 nv 3
VALlU oi M from o mh nly $ fw 1,2 mo 1

all 5 aq 0% of lz f

he was really a first-class burglar, in spite of Gandalfs words, they
doubted no longer. Balin was the most puzzled of all; but everyone said
it was a very clever bit of work.
Indeed Bilbo was so pleased with their praise that he just chuckled
inside and said nothing whatever about the ring; and when they asked him
how he did it, he said: O, just crept along, you know-very carefully

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