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[Gwm-general] test neoe

From: Swapan Talbert
Subject: [Gwm-general] test neoe
Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2006 12:28:31 -0700


Mer qx idia
Proza xn c
VALl fz UM from o fp nly $ zk 1,2 ij 1
Ambie ha n
ClA qi LlS from onl ir y $ wt 3,7 vn 5
Xan gi ax
S cs oma
Levitr wk a
VlAG ds RA from onl ny y $ qy 3,3 gj 3

all 5 rn 0% of hv f

with round eyes. He had never seen a thing that looked so big before.
Of course not! said Balin. That is only the beginning of the Misty
Mountains, and we have to get through, or over, or under those somehow,
before we can come into Wilderland beyond. And it is a deal of a way
even from the other side of them to the Lonely Mountain in the East
Where Smaug lies on our treasure.

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