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[Gwm-general] with JUSTIN the ROI 's please consulted EDDIE

From: Consuelo Bennett
Subject: [Gwm-general] with JUSTIN the ROI 's please consulted EDDIE
Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2006 17:03:52 0000

ABSY May Be Positioned To Make A Significant Move In The Mark et.  
Do Your Rese arch Now!

AbsoluteSKY Featured in Exclusive Interview, Just out today go listen now....

With More Breaking News Below, Now Is The Time To Look Closely at ABSY

More Major News has been released!
Item level RFID tagging for retailers available now! 

AbsoluteSKY and Universal Surveillance Systems Sign Strategic Partnership 
Agreement for Retail RFID Products

Universal has been providing intelligent security solutions to leading 
retailers worldwide since 1996. By combining innovative and state of the 
art technology with unsurpassed customer service, Universal has quickly 
become the fastest growing company in the Loss Prevention industry. The 
company's distinguished clientele of specialty retailers includes Nordstrom, 
Nike Inc., The Sports Authority, Stein Mart, Bed Bath & Beyond, all of the 
May Company divisions and the Virgin Group.

``The unique expertise, reputation and retail market presence of Universal 
represents a perfect fit for us,'' commented John Frabasile, AbsoluteSKY's 
President and CEO. ``This strategic partnership will leverage our enormous 
synergies beginning with our extensive knowledge of retail operations to 
bring our clients unsurpassed efficiencies and cost-saving solutions. 
Universal also brings us a large, powerful and professional sales force 
currently dedicated to our focus market of specialty retailers, as well 
as major relationships with retailers that span the globe.''

Industry experts have predicted the RFID industry to grow to over $2B U.S. 
worldwide in 2006, with the retail sector accounting for almost half of 
this figure in the U.S. alone, becoming over $3B US by 2008

W at ch this co mpany star ting n  w.  

Information within this report contains forward looking statements within
the meaning of Section 2 7 A of the Securi ti es Act of 1 933 and Sect ion 2 1B 
the S E C A ct of 1 934. Statements that involve discussions with respect to
projections of future events are not statements of historical fact and may 
be forward looking statements. Don't rely on them to make a decision. The 
Company is not a reporting company registered under the Exchange Act of 1934. 
We have received three hundred twenty five thousand free trading shares from 
a third party not an officer, director or affiliate shareholder. We intend to 
sell all our shares which could cause the stock to go down, resulting in losses 
for you. Read the Company's Annual Report and Information Statement if one is 
available before you invest. This report shall not be construed as any kind of 
investment advice or solicitation. You can lose all your money by investing in 
this stock.

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