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[Gwm-general] From Mrs Ngom M, ABDUL

From: From Mrs Ngom M, ABDUL
Subject: [Gwm-general] From Mrs Ngom M, ABDUL
Date: Tue, 16 May 2006 23:28:38 +0700

>From Mrs Ngom M, ABDUL

Email, address@hidden
number:+: 661-4841788

I got your contact from your country trade journal here in Thailand chamber of 
commerce and industry, and I decided to unfold my investment plan to you of 
which I am convince as to solicit for your support and assistance after reading 
your profile.
I am Mrs Ngom M, ABDUL the Wife of late Haji Mohammed Abdul who was the Head of 
Darfur Province In The Crisis in my Country.
This Government sponsored Crisis has claimed the liver's of over three quarters 
of the whole people of darfur. My Husband was killed with all our Property's 
Presently I am in Bangkok Thailand along with my Son and we have been granted 
political asylum under the protection of United Nations High Commission for 
refugee due the continue problem in my country . I am Interested to invest the 
fund i Inherited from my late Husband in your county with your help. AMOUNT 
family Treasure With a MULTI-NATIONAL SECURITY COMPANY IN THAILAND with all the 
appropriate documents of the fund in my hand as the next of kin/ beneficiary of 
the fund. For the above reason I have decided to seek for an assistance and 
help from you as a foreign partner to enable us reach a contract joint venture 
partnership agreement to transfer and invest the fund in a profitable business 
orientation in your country under long time joint venture partnership to enable 
us entrust the investment in your care and management as soon as it is cleared 
from the security vault here in Thailand.
(1) I will offer a 15% reasonable percentage from the total fund as a reward 
for all your help in transferring of the fund to your bank account in your 
country,or better still commit it into viable Joint venture projects.
(2) I will map out 5% of the total fund to meet up any expense's made by both 
parties during the transaction and 85% will be for our further investment in a 
lucrative venture we will agree upon in your country under your supervision.
(3) To enable us relocate and settle in your country as soon as the fund is 
successfully transferred to your account.
(4) To reach a long term partnership agreement to entrust the investment in 
your management.
For the interest of this transaction do not hesitate to contact me on my direct 
telephone number:+: 661-4841788.
Thanks for your understanding.
Awaiting your urgent response.
Yours Sincerely
Mrs Ngom M, ABDUL

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