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Fwd: [Gwm-general] GWM website

From: Ram
Subject: Fwd: [Gwm-general] GWM website
Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2002 01:23:06 +0000


I noticed that the phpwebsite modifications are not complete for the 
'' site.

I do not know where to submit the bug reports.
The site needs a clearly indicated contact mail addess for such reports and 

I am confident with php and very willing to be the volunteer webmaster for 
such a vital project.
I have had a long standing interest in Docbook but never got a chance to 
implement it.
This looks like the moment.

Please post instructions on how to contribute to the development of the 
proposed <> site.

Also what is 'fencepost'?

All the best


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Subject: [Gwm-general] GWM website
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2002 01:27:33 +0100
From: Guylhem P Aznar <address@hidden>
To: address@hidden

The GWM is starting, little by little.
You can see the beta website on - it should be moved
to as soon as I get access to fencepost.

Meanwhile your comments are welcome. In the following days I'll post
some contents like guidelines, software packages, documentation sample,

We should be able to start writing documentation "soon" (I'd rather not
give a date- I hate when I can't keep my promises.

Sorry for any delay I had to adapt phpwebsite to the GWM like multiple
authors support, etc.

A volunteer webmaster would be very welcome ;-) Everything is done
through dialog boxes and menus. No php knowledge is required, although
it would really help.

/¯¯¯¯|  |¯| |¯|  |¯/¯¯¯| Guylhem P. Aznar        
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