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Re: [Gwm-general] website and contributing

From: Guylhem P Aznar
Subject: Re: [Gwm-general] website and contributing
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2002 23:03:27 +0100
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On Wed, Feb 13, 2002 at 07:24:21PM -0800, Joe Betz wrote:
> The website looks great!  I am working on docs for other open source

Thanks. It's based on a heavy modified php software, so that it supports
multiple authors, and outputs valid xhtml code. It will also be
released under the GPL.

> projects currently.  I am a little unsure what contributing to GWM
> involves.  My main interest is providing quality documentation to open
> source software and programming languages (like php and mono's C#).

Releasing that documentation under the FDL, and maybe converting it to
docbook would be great.

> Could anyone tell me a little more about what is GWM and Libre
> Documentation is about?  What could someone like me do to contribute?

The website is not ready yet - that will be explained there ;-)

Libre Documentation is documentation one can copy or enhance, just like
free software, as long as those freedoms are not restricted.

The GWM will play 2 roles:
 - increase awareness on libre documentation
 - serve as a central repository for unprocessed GNU documentation

That means authors will be able to drop their document in the GWM
to have them checked, converted, proof read, etc.

It's just the very beginning. A long term goal may promoting libre
documentation for scientific publishing as well, or generally all kind
of work.

Project Gutemberg is colleting old documentation now under public
domain. We will try to collect or link documentation released under the
FDL or any libre documentation compatible license

I did announce the new project before having the website ready for many
reasons (#1: I did't expect it would take so much time ;-)

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