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[Gwm-general] SIXNET eNewsLetter - New Dual Fiber Industrial Ethernet Sw

From: Newsletter
Subject: [Gwm-general] SIXNET eNewsLetter - New Dual Fiber Industrial Ethernet Switch
Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2002 19:33:46 -0500


January 22, 2002

to OEMs

Modular Automation Solutions Built On Open Industrial Standards

Product News
Dual Fiber Industrial Ethernet Switches are now available. (More Info)

SIXNET now offers a 5-port Industrial Ethernet Switch that has 3 RJ45 10/100BaseTx ports and 2 100BaseFx fiber optic ports. The two fiber ports can optionally be multimode or singlemode (SC or ST style) to make noise immune Ethernet links up to 15 km. These switches are ideal for the following applications:

  • Add three RJ45 ports to an existing fiber optic backbone - for more RJ45 ports simply cascade to one or more SIXNET Industrial Ethernet Switches.

  • Create a noise-immune fiber optic backbone - just cascade as many switches as you need to meet your distance or port requirements.

  • Add two fiber optic ports to a RJ45 backbone - place this switch in the path of your RJ45 backbone to add two fiber optic ports.

All SIXNET Industrial Switches are rated for -40 to 85掳C operation, UL, CSA, CE, DNV marine and offshore use, and UL1604 / Cenelec Zone 2 hazardous locations.

SIXNET Offers Process Quality I/O (More Info)
SIXNET I/O is "process quality I/O", complete with isolated 16 bit instrumentation analog I/O, and an impressive list of features designed to save you time and increase the performance and reliability of your automation systems. These features include hot-swap capability, high reliability, industrial isolation, field wiring advantage, and much more. Compare SIXNET "Process Quality" I/O to typical PLC I/O.

Upcoming Products (stay tuned to future enewsletters for details)
> Industrial Ethernet to Fiber Media Converter
(More Info)
> IP67 (water-tight) Industrial Ethernet Switch & Accessories
(More Info)
> Linux RTU - The VersaTRAK IPm will be the ultimate RTU (More Info)

Other News
A New SIXNET CD is now available and it's absolutely FREE.
This comprehensive CD has all the information and software you need regarding SIXNET's industrial products:

> Truly open Ethernet I/O
> Real-time Ethernet Switches
> Remote Terminal Units
> Industrial Telephone Modems
> IEC61131 Programmable I/O Controllers
> Remote RS485 I/O and much more...


For all the details on SIXNET products, please visit

SIXNET    +1 518-877-5173     address@hidden

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