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RE : Re: [GWhere-discussion] new help

From: leon calvaud
Subject: RE : Re: [GWhere-discussion] new help
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2007 11:58:56 +0100 (CET)

--- Zero <address@hidden> a écrit :

> Hi Leon and list,
> Selon leon calvaud <address@hidden>:
> > Hello everyone,
> > i'm new here, and i'd like to help this helpful
> software.
> You're welcome ! :-)

Thank you ;-)
> > I probably don't have good programming skills (i
> tried to learn programming
> > by myself) but i want to learn more and improve my
> skills(and of course my
> > knowledge of linux).
> Everybody was novice. ;-)
yes, and as i don't have good programming skills, i
learned again about C programming.
I learn with a french website actually (le site du
and i'm at part 2, advanced C 
I think it's good thing to learn again about C
programming, so i see again what i already know, 
refresh my knowledges and even maybe learn some new
things ;-)

> > So if someone could sometimes help me for
> understanding some code parts, i'd
> > be pleased to help.
> There is no problem. Ask any question !
> Moreover, are you French ? So I am.

I'm french,yes ;-)
so if you want we can talk french ;-)
aucun soucis en ce qui me concerne ;-)

> > I have some far knowledges of C, html,php,mysql.
> GWhere is developed in C with GTK+. And the GWhere
> site is coded in HTML,
> > I'd like to contribute to the import/export in
> sgbdr formats. About this, why
> > not plan to make Gwhere work with a sgbdr directly
> in future? (maybe a new
> > todo?)
> The SGBDR support is in the todo list. But nobody
> started the development. At
> time, GWhere use a plugin interface in order to
> import/export catalogs. So a
> plugin for SGBDR catalogs should be easly done and
> integrated in GWhere.

I understand,i would like to know more about plugin
interface. I already took a look of reference API but
because my few far knowledges of C, i didn't
understand much things.

But the good thing is that now, as i learned again, i
understand more things in API than before. ;-)
so i guess i'll can soon good understand how gwhere
works ;-)

About plugin for SGBDR catalogs, it's a good idea.But
for this we should fix the problem of
how-to-store-data-in-SGBDR (i mean by this, that we
should agree about how data will be stored on SGBDR
format(1 database/catalog?...tables?...csv file...?)

some few other ideas: 
-about audio-CD, i already tried to scan them, but
without good results...i think it could be good for
identify CD before save it in catalog(via an audio cd
database,.. i already knew the name of it, but
actually i don't remember,sorry)
-about generate reports, we could store on many
formats like txt,html,xml...
-another idea could be to do a checksum of each file
on CD/DVD and store infos on catalog files. This could
make compare of CD probably easyier

> > Also i'll help Gwhere as i can.
> > I thank you for reading.
> As I always say, do what you like when you can and
> as you can.

Thank you ;-)

> Thank you very much for your help proposal and your
> interest in GWhere !

It's normal for me. I like Gwhere and i very often use
it ;-)
I just was a little desapointed because of lack of
database support (i meant about a software that use
dynamically database)
But i find even so that Gwhere is nice as software and
much useful (Gwhere fits really good to my needs), so
i wanted to help for improve functionnalities of this
very good software ;-)

Best regards,

enae ;-)

> -- 
> Best regards,
> Zero
> Maintainer,
> GWhere - Another way to manage your catalogs!!
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> address@hidden


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