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Re: [GWhere-discussion] Import/export CSV file format plugin

From: Jarkor
Subject: Re: [GWhere-discussion] Import/export CSV file format plugin
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2005 11:13:28 -0300
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Hi Zero and everybody in the list,

I don't know too much about csv but as I can see, the gz files are csv files
in reality, can be possible that you forget to compress them  ?
If you need to test anything with the csv file, like importing the info into
another program, tell me and maybe I can test it.


Zero wrote:

Hi list,

The current devel version of GWhere allows to import/export catalogs from/to CSV file format.
Can you talk me about the used CSV file format please ?

Instead of explaining the CSV file format, I exported the following catalogs :

To CSV files :

Thanks by advance,

PS: the CVS files are gzipped only for download, but the CVS catalog plugin doesn't compress the CVS file.

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