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Re: [GWhere-discussion] Information about yours disks

From: Jarkor
Subject: Re: [GWhere-discussion] Information about yours disks
Date: Wed, 02 Mar 2005 23:57:20 -0300
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Hi Zero, and everybody in the list

Zero wrote:

Hi list,

Thank you for your helpfull information.
Is ZIP Drive already configured at "Z:\" under MS Windows system??

Yes it is, because in the past I was using 4 IDE HD, plus a CDRW, a CD-Rom, a DVD, plus all the drive letters the USB card reader cretes, there were a lot of letters so was easy for me
to associate Z: letter to the Zip Drive. There's any trouble with that ?

Non, there is no trouble. But I don't know how to detect Zip drive under Win32 systems. So I would like to know if MS Windows installs Zip drive at "Z:".

Ok, as I know it installs it as the first available letter under win32. Anyway, as it is an Atapi IDE device (someone correct me plis if I'm wrong) you can change the letter as you would do it with a cdrom for example, so you can choose wich letter you assing to it.

My Windows system is Windows 2000 SP4 English, and Linux is Debian Sarge 3.1

Ok, thanks.

You're welcome.

I use Cds all the time, the Zip is almost not used but was tested, and also
the HD access was tested but I don't use it.
About the kind of disks, I think it's enough unless someone in a special situation. I got a Usb Compact Flash reader conected for example, but I don't use it to catalog anything because I only got 2 or 3, and always get overwrited.....
But if you need the mount point I can check it out.

Any more information will be welcome. But test them only if you have free time. The above information are already great. ;-)

Thank you very much for your help!!

You're welcome. I'll check the mount point for all the devices and post them here.

Thanks again. :-)

Don't worry, just ask me about anything you need.


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