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Re: [GWhere-discussion] Information about yours disks

From: Zero
Subject: Re: [GWhere-discussion] Information about yours disks
Date: Wed, 02 Mar 2005 21:39:12 +0100
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Hi again,

What is MOdisk??

Magneto-Optical Disk, a technology heating bit cells with laser above Curie
temp. before writing the data with relatively big and weak magnets. Cooled
down, this recording is said to be very stable. Disks available 128, 260,
640 MB or 1.3, 2.3 GB in 3,5".
Thank you for explaination. :-)

Is there no disk type for your Network smbfs??

it says "Type: smbfs" in properties.
Thanks for your precious help.

Best regards,


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