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[GWhere-discussion] Information about yours disks

From: Zero
Subject: [GWhere-discussion] Information about yours disks
Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2005 11:53:28 +0100
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Hi list,

To day I need a little help from all the users of GWhere.
It is a long time, I talk about "catalog plugin". This feature allows to store your catalog in different file format (ctg, xml, csv, html, ...) or database (mysql, ...) and it is going to be ready!! So I need to change the way to detect disk type. Can you send me the 3 following fields (available in GWhere) of all your catalogued disks please :
- File system path
- Disk access path
- Type
And for each disk can you say exactly what kind of disk is it please??

For example all my disks are (File system path;Disk access path;Type => Real kind of disk) :
Under Win32 :
\\.\F:\;F:\;cdfs => CD-ROM iso9660
\\.\G:\;G:\;cdfs => CD-ROM iso9660
\\.\C:\;C:\;ntfs => HD NTFS
\\.\D:\;D:\;ntfs => HD NTFS
\\.\E:\;E:\;fat32 => HD FAT32
\\.\A:\;A:\;fat => Floppy FAT12
\\.\I:\;I:\;ntfs => Samba Shared Folder EXT2

Under Linux :
;;CD-ROM [ auto ] => CD-ROM iso9660
/dev/hda7;/;ext2 => HD EXT2
/dev/cdrom;/cdrom;iso9660 => CD-ROM iso9660
/dev/fd0;/floppy;vfat => Floppy FAT12
//;/mnt/partages/shared_projects;smbfs => Samaba Shared Folder EXT2
/dev/hda5;/mnt/rack1;vfat => HD FAT32
/dev/hdb5;/mnt/rack2;vfat => HD FAT32
/dev/hdb1;/mnt/win2k;vfat => HD FAT32
/dev/hda1;/mnt/win95;vfat => HD FAT32

Moreover I looking for all the kind of disk. The current list is :
- Floppy
- Hard Disk
- Tape Drive
- Audio CD
- Network Drive
- Zip Drive
- Jaz Drive

Do you consider other kind of disk??

Thank all by advance. Yours responses will be of great assistance!!

Best regards,


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