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[gurlchecker-users] gURLChecker-0.7.7 (unstable) released

From: Emmanuel Saracco
Subject: [gurlchecker-users] gURLChecker-0.7.7 (unstable) released
Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2004 19:29:34 +0100

2004-01-27 Emmanuel Saracco <address@hidden>

        * version: 0.7.7

        * URL parser: Debugging.
        * network: Now using gnet API.

        * documentation: Begun code documentation with gtk-doc. It can be
        find at:

        * other: gURLChecker is now very much less CPU consuming.

- new release:
- project:
- homepage:
- gnome:
- freshmeat:

Emmanuel Saracco - address@hidden
jabber: address@hidden
web   :

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