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[gurlchecker-users] gURLChecker-0.7.3 (unstable) released

From: Emmanuel Saracco
Subject: [gurlchecker-users] gURLChecker-0.7.3 (unstable) released
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2003 05:45:09 +0200

2003-10-16 Emmanuel Saracco <address@hidden>

        * version: 0.7.3

        * Bookmarks check: Some "cancel" speed enhancement.

2003-10-15 Emmanuel Saracco <address@hidden>

        * version: 0.7.2cvs2003101500

        * GUI: Modified main menu.

        * Bookmarks ckeck: Added possibility to delete some links in the
        check result and to save changes in the bookmarks file.

2003-10-13 Emmanuel Saracco <address@hidden>

        * version: 0.7.2cvs2003101300

        * URL parser: Correction of bug #4728 (Too many timeouts).
        However, it need to be confirm...

        * Bookmarks check: Added possibility to virtually remove a
        item from the bookmarks list.

        * GUI: Added informational popup on check cancel or check end.
        * other: Some code cleaning regarding libglade management.

2003-10-12 Emmanuel Saracco <address@hidden>

        * version: 0.7.2cvs2003101200

        * Bookmarks check: Use DOM parser instead of SAX parser to parse
        XBEL. Encoding problem has been fixed.

        * URL parser: Fixed a problem with timeouts on non-existent

- new release:
- project:
- homepage:
- gnome:
- freshmeat:

Emmanuel Saracco - address@hidden

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