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[gurlchecker-users] Re: ANNOUNCE: gURLChecker 0.5.6 (unstable branch)

From: Emmanuel Saracco
Subject: [gurlchecker-users] Re: ANNOUNCE: gURLChecker 0.5.6 (unstable branch)
Date: 28 Jul 2003 22:52:03 +0200

Le lun 28/07/2003 à 21:51, James Antill a écrit :


>  This might be related to the first fix above, but if you have...
> <a href="a%20b%20c">foo</a>
> ...then gurlchecker displays the url as a%20b%20c but actually
> requests a%2520b%2520c and so fails.

oops, it encode already encoded strings.

I will fix this too.

>  It also hangs a lot ... are you doing blocking requests?



Emmanuel Saracco - address@hidden

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