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Two weeks to the Ten Years of Guix event in Paris

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: Two weeks to the Ten Years of Guix event in Paris
Date: Tue, 30 Aug 2022 15:54:12 +0200
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Thank you for registering for the Ten Years of Guix event that will take
place in Paris, in person, in a little more than two weeks!

To facilitate coordination before and during the event, we subscribed
you to this low-traffic private mailing list; emails to reach all the participants, currently ~50

This message contains updates on practical details.


Over the last few weeks there have been updates to the program in
particular on Saturday and Sunday, with new exciting talks coming up.
Check it out!

There’s still room for lightning talks on Friday; feel free to email the
organizers at anytime by then if you’d like
to share something with the audience.

We want Saturday and Sunday to be spark discussions among enthusiasts,
users, and developers.  If you would like to facilitate a session on
particular topic, whether organizational or technical, please do not shy
away and get in touch with the organizers at


Lunch will be served for free at the venue on the three days, thanks to
our sponsors, with vegetarian and vegan options.

We used your choices on the poll to estimate the number of
people who will be having lunch on each of these three days.  If you’re
unsure what your choices were, or if you changed your mind, please email
the organizers at


There’ll be coffee/tea breaks, too.  :-)


Talks will be recorded, thanks to the support of the Debian video team.
If you’re a speaker and do not want your talk to be recorded, please get
in touch with the organizers.

During the event, we will need volunteers to help with things like:
passing the mic to the audience during Q&A, standing at the camera and
monitoring console.  If you’d like to contribute a bit of your time at
the event to help with these tasks, please email the organizers at

We’re also looking into setting up live streaming.


If you have question or suggestions, please reply to this list or email
the organizers at

Looking forward to meeting you all in Paris!

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