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[bug#55958] [PATCH 1/9] gnu: Add node-buffer-crc32.

From: Marius Bakke
Subject: [bug#55958] [PATCH 1/9] gnu: Add node-buffer-crc32.
Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2022 22:15:39 +0200

Nicolas Graves via Guix-patches via <> skriver:

> * gnu/packages/node-xyz.scm (node-buffer-crc32): New variable.


> +    (arguments
> +     '(#:phases
> +       (modify-phases %standard-phases
> +         (delete 'check)

Use #:tests? #f instead of deleting the phase.

> +         (replace 'configure
> +           (lambda* (#:key inputs #:allow-other-keys)
> +             (invoke (string-append (assoc-ref inputs "node") "/bin/npm")
> +                     "--offline" "--ignore-scripts" "install" "--production")

Use (search-input-file inputs "/bin/npm") instead of (assoc-ref inputs ...).

Although in this case I think you don't need the absolute file name as
"npm" should already be on PATH, so you can just (invoke "npm" ...).

> +             #t)))))

There is no need to end phases on #t any more.

> +    (home-page "";)
> +    (synopsis "crc32 that works with binary data and fancy character sets,
> +outputs buffer, signed or unsigned data and has tests.")

Try to keep synopses short, and avoid duplicating the description.
Maybe something like "CRC32 implementation in JavaScript"?

> +    (description "This package provides crc32 that works with binary data and

s/crc32/a CRC32 algorithm/

> +fancy character sets, outputs buffer, signed or unsigned data and has tests, 
> for

I don't understand what "outputs buffer" means here, can you elaborate?

Otherwise LGTM.

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