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[bug#47459] [PATCH] gnu: Add brython.

From: Maxim Cournoyer
Subject: [bug#47459] [PATCH] gnu: Add brython.
Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2022 15:23:18 -0400
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"jgart" <> writes:

> Hi Ludo,
> Thank you for your suggestions! They are much appreciated. I think I 
> incorporated all of them and
> bumped brython from 3.9.1 to 3.9.5 since it's been a while... Sorry for the 
> delay. I hope this patch finds you
> well. The above patch was taken from core-updates.
> I tried adding a message via the mumi interface but it never went through...

I wanted to merge this in, but as I looked at it, I got curious about
the "source" that is on the heavy side (53 MiB), and saw what look like
generated "source" code:

du -h www/src/py_VFS.js 
4.3M    www/src/py_VFS.js

The file contains section that read like:

--8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8---
9, 0xFF89,0xCA, 0xFF8A,0xCB, 0xFF8B,0xCC, 0xFF8C,0xCD, 0xFF8D,0xCE, 
0xFF8E,0xCF, 0xFF8F,0xD0, 0xFF90,0xD1, 0xFF91,0xD2, 0xFF92,0xD3, 0xFF93,0xD4, 
0xFF94,0xD5, 0xFF95,0xD6, 0xFF96,0xD7, 0xFF97,0xD8, 0xFF98,0xD9, 0xFF99,0xDA, 
0xFF9A,0xDB, 0xFF9B,0xDC, 0xFF9C,0xDD, 0xFF9D,0xDE, 0xFF9E,0xDF, 0xFF9F,0xE0, 
-1,0xE1, -1,0xE2, -1,0xE3, -1,0xE4, -1,0xE5, -1,0xE6, -1,0xE7, -1,0xE8, 
-1,0xE9, -1,0xEA, -1,0xEB, -1,0xEC, -1,0xED, -1,0xEE, -1,0xEF, -1,0xF0, 
-1,0xF1, -1,0xF2, -1,0xF3, -1,0xF4, -1,0xF5, -1,0xF6, -1,0xF7, -1,0xF8, 
-1,0xF9, -1,0xFA, -1,0xFB, -1,0xFC, -1,0xFD, -1,0xFE, -1,0xFF, -1,0x8140, 
0x3000,0x8141, 0x3001,0x8142, 0x3002,0x8143, 0xFF0C,0x8144, 0xFF0E,0x8145, 
0x30FB,0x8146, 0xFF1A,0x8147, 0xFF1B,0x8148, 0xFF1F,0x8149, 0xFF01,0x814A, 
0x309B,0x814B, 0x309C,0x814C, 0x00B4,0x814D, 0xFF40,0x814E, 0x00A8,0x814F, 
0xFF3E,0x8150, 0xFFE3,0x8151, 0xFF3F,0x8152, 0x30FD,0x8153, 0x30FE,0x8154, 
0x309D,0x8155, 0x309E,0x8156, 0x3003,0x8157, 0x4EDD,0x8158, 0x3005,0x8159, 
0x3006,0x815A, 0x3007,0x815B, 0x30FC,0x815C, 0x2015,0x815D, 0x2010,0x815E, 
0xFF0F,0x815F, 0xFF3C,0x8160, 0xFF5E,0x8161, 0x2225,0x8162, 0xFF5C,0x8163, 
0x2026,0x8164, 0x2025,0x8165, 0x2018,0x8166, 0x2019,0x8167, 0x201C,0x8168, 
0x201D,0x8169, 0xFF08,0x816A, 0xFF09,0x816B, 0x3014,0x816C, 0x3015,0x816D, 
0xFF3B,0x816E, 0xFF3D,0x816F, 0xFF5B,0x8170, 0xFF5D,0x8171, 0x3008,0x8172, 
0x3009,0x8173, 0x300A,0x8174, 0x300B,0x8175, 0x300C,0x8176, 0x300D,0x8177, 
0x300E,0x8178, 0x300F,0x8179, 0x3010,0x817A, 0x3011,0x817B, 0xFF0B,0x817C, 
0xFF0D,0x817D, 0x00B1,0x817E, 0x00D7,0x8180, 0x00F7,0x8181, 0xFF1D,0x8182, 
0x2260,0x8183, 0xFF1C,0x8184, 0xFF1E,0x8185, 0x2266,0x8186, 0x2267,0x8187, 
0x221E,0x8188, 0x2234,0x8189, 0x2642,0x818A, 0x2640,0x818B, 0x00B0,0x818C, 
0x2032,0x818D, 0x2033,0x818E, 0x2103,0x818F, 0xFFE5,0x8190, 0xFF04,0x8191, 
0xFFE0,0x8192, 0xFFE1,0x8193, 0xFF05,0x8194, 0xFF03,0x8195, 0xFF06,0x8196, 
0xFF0A,0x8197, 0xFF20,0x8198, 0x00A7,0x8199, 0x2606,0x819A, 0x2605,0x819B, 
0x25CB,0x819C, 0x25CF,0x819D, 0x25CE,0x819E, 0x25C7,0x819F, 0x25C6,0x81A0, 
0x25A1,0x81A1, 0x25A0,0x81A2, 0x25B3,0x81A3, 0x25B2,0x81A4, 0x25BD,0x81A5, 
0x25BC,0x81A6, 0x203B,0x81A7, 0x3012,0x81A8, 0x2192,0x81A9, 0x2190,0x81AA, 
0x2191,0x81AB, 0x2193,0x81AC, 0x3013,0x81B8, 0x2208,0x81B9, 0x220B,0x81BA, 
0x2286,0x81BB, 0x2287,0x81BC, 0x2282,0x81BD, 0x2283,0x81BE, 0x222A,0x81BF, 
--8<---------------cut here---------------end--------------->8---

I don't think this qualifies as source code.

Could you look into how these source come into existence?  Otherwise
it's akin to bundling binaries, which we strive to not do in Guix.



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