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[bug#56094] [PATCH v2] gnu: wm: Switch sway from elogind to basu.

From: muradm
Subject: [bug#56094] [PATCH v2] gnu: wm: Switch sway from elogind to basu.
Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2022 12:38:01 +0300
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Next one reflecting changes.

Yes, necessary to state basu explicitly, detects
like systemd -> elogind -> basu. While removed from sway
dependencies, elogind still comes from dependencies of


Liliana Marie Prikler <> writes:

block 56094 by 56136

Am Mittwoch, dem 22.06.2022 um 12:27 +0300 schrieb muradm:
* gnu/packages/wm.scm (basu): Switch sway from elogind to basu.
Should be sway.
[inputs]: Replace elogind with basu for sd-bus library dependency.
This can be simplified to "Replace ‘elogind’ with ‘basu’."
[arguments]: Use G-expressions.
Actually, you don't, and even if, that ought to be a separate commit.
<#:configure-flags>: Request building against basu.
Is this necessary?  Doesn't sway have autodetection for basu?


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