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[bug#56037] [PATCH] gnu: Update hexyl to 0.10

From: Gabriel Arazas
Subject: [bug#56037] [PATCH] gnu: Update hexyl to 0.10
Date: Fri, 17 Jun 2022 19:55:34 +0800
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This patchset is just a step towards updating (and adding) some of the Rust apps (at least that I'm interested to update). Particularly, the update of rust-clap-3 to a stable version. There is only 2 apps that require them though the other one (zoxide) requires the specific beta version. I don't know whether to let that package fail so I made the beta version as a separate package for now until it will be updated for another time.

Confirmed to build on x86_64-linux. Binaries for other architectures are yet to be built, my laptop is not powerful enough to wait to build Rust.

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