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[bug#55998] [PATCH] gnu: Add cctools.

From: Philip McGrath
Subject: [bug#55998] [PATCH] gnu: Add cctools.
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2022 15:34:53 -0400
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On 6/15/22 14:55, Maxime Devos wrote:
Philip McGrath schreef op wo 15-06-2022 om 13:15 [-0400]:
+                ;; FIXME: This is a very ugly way to make
+                ;;     #include <linux/limits.h>
+                ;; work---what is a better way?

Searching for <linux/limit.h> in the guix git checkout, I found:

    ;; Glibc's <limits.h> refers to <linux/limit.h>, for instance, so glibc
    ;; users should automatically pull Linux headers as well.  On GNU/Hurd,
    ;; libc provides <hurd.h>, which includes a bunch of Hurd and Mach headers,
    ;; so both should be propagated.
     (if (hurd-target?)
         `(("hurd-core-headers" ,hurd-core-headers))
         `(("kernel-headers" ,linux-libre-headers))))

(The hurd bit is not relevant here, and in this case I'd assume that no
propagation is required.)

I saw that, too, and I don't understand why <linux/limits.h> (it's plural) isn't found automatically, especially when the neighboring <limits.h> is found: with both clang-toolchain and gcc-toolchain, include/linux is a symlink into linux-libre-headers.


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