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[bug#55874] [PATCH v2] Add timewarrior 1.4.3

From: Zac Berkowitz
Subject: [bug#55874] [PATCH v2] Add timewarrior 1.4.3
Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2022 14:14:47 -0400

A new patch that addresses many of the issues from the first attempt:

- python moved to an input dependency.  Eases use of bundled but
optional python scripts
- man pages built and installed in share/man/man1/ and share/man/man7/
- bash completions installed to etc/bash_completion.d/
- non-deterministic tests skipped using same patch from debian

That last one I'm sure if it's the best way to go.  It still has the
original attribution within the patch file itself, which is good.
Alternatives would be equivalent changes through snippets (hard) or
re-implementing the patch ourselves (silly).


On Fri, Jun 10, 2022 at 11:00 AM Maxime Devos <> wrote:
> Zac Berkowitz schreef op vr 10-06-2022 om 10:04 [-0400]:
> > Wouldn't say "learn" - I'm very new to lisps! The code here is mostly
> > adapted from taskwarrior (same developer) and other snippets from
> > gnu/packages.  I'm sure I grep'd for another package that required
> > asciidoctor and adapted their portion of the code.
> >
> Ok, not all old packages have been converted yet.

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