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[bug#55929] [PATCH] gnu: maven: Add maven-doxia-sink-api

From: Artyom V. Poptsov
Subject: [bug#55929] [PATCH] gnu: maven: Add maven-doxia-sink-api
Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2022 07:29:43 +0300
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Hello Julien,

first of all, thanks for reviewing my patches!

I fixed my patch, at least the part I understood -- see below.

> Great to see someone trying to package more maven-related stuff! I
> think I've seen it in the dependency graph to the maven-plugin-plugin,
> which I'd like to package at some point to make our life easier.

Indeed, I started my work on packaging Doxia because I wanted to package
'maven-plugin-plugin' which in turn is required for
'maven-release-plugin'[1].  And 'maven-release-plugin' is required for
'java-json-simple'[2] ...

So the dependency order looks like this:
0. 'ugs' (Universal G-Code sender) [3]
1. 'java-jts'
2. 'java-json-simple'
3. 'maven-release-plugin'
4. 'maven-plugin-plugin' <-- I'm here.  ;-)

Also, while we on it, I have the following questions:
0. How did you check the dependency graph for 'maven-plugin-plugin'
   without packaging it?
1. Is it possible with Guix to generate the reverse dependency graph to
   see that packages depend on the specified package?

> Here the subject should omit "maven", so simply:


> Is this intentional? Shouldn't it be doxia-sink-api.jar?

That was a mistake indeed.  Fixed it.

> Also I'm wondering, since this will be used by maven eventually,
> shouldn't we install it to lib/m2 with its pom file? To do so, we would
> change the install phase to something like this:

> (replace 'install (install-from-pom "doxia-sink-api/pom.xml"))


> This might require a parent-pom (probably the top-level pom.xml and
> maybe its own parent pom), so you'll have to provide a patch for it
> as well. You can have a look at (gnu packages maven-parent) for
> examples.

This part I don't understand.  Could you elaborate?

> The description doesn't follow all our conventions, in particular,
> double space between sentences :)


- Artyom


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