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[bug#55903] [PATCH 24/41] gnu: Add go-github-com-emersion-go-imap-sortth

From: Maxime Devos
Subject: [bug#55903] [PATCH 24/41] gnu: Add go-github-com-emersion-go-imap-sortthread.
Date: Sun, 12 Jun 2022 01:01:49 +0200
User-agent: Evolution 3.38.3-1

(unmatched-parenthesis via Guix-patches via schreef op za 11-06-2022 om
20:16 [+0100]:
> +    (synopsis "SORT and THREAD for go-imap")
> +    (description "Package sortthread implements SORT and THREAD for 
> go-imap.")

This doesn't really explain anything, except that's it related to
sorting and imap.  Needs to be longer and explain what is meant by SORT
and THREAD.  Also, it's not named go-imap, but go-github-...-go-imap 


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