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[bug#55814] [PATCH v2] Updated python-flake8 and inputs to reenable buil

From: Maxime Devos
Subject: [bug#55814] [PATCH v2] Updated python-flake8 and inputs to reenable build.
Date: Mon, 06 Jun 2022 21:05:07 +0200
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Christopher Rodriguez schreef op ma 06-06-2022 om 14:44 [-0400]:
> Without the changes in this patch, `python-flake8` (and thus, any
> packages that
> depend on it) will not be able to successfully build (I use `python-
> lsp-server`
> in my profile; I believe that is where I ran into an issue with this
> package). Can this, then, be considered a "single independent
> change"? All of
> the changes made were made to support `python-flake8` building, even
> though the
> changes effected 3 separate packages.

They are related changed (same external purpose: make python-flake8),
but each change can stand on its own (different internal purposes:
update this, run tests, respect #:tests?) without causing new build
failures AFAIK.

> If not, I suppose I can split the patch into three separate packages
> like this:
> 1. `python-pycodestyle` changes. (needed for `python-flake8` to build
> with tests)
> 2. `python-pyflakes` changes. (needed for `python-flake8` to build
> with tests)
> 3. `python-flake8` changes. (the package that would not build)

That, and seperate the update and the (when tests? ...).

TBC the just need to be separate patches, but not a seperate patch
series (all six can go to


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