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[bug#54832] [patch] update glibc to 2.35

From: zamfofex
Subject: [bug#54832] [patch] update glibc to 2.35
Date: Mon, 6 Jun 2022 09:06:27 -0300 (BRT)

> Could you confirm that these patches are no longer needed?

I don’t remember exactly what my thought process was for removing the 
‘glibc-dl-cache’ patch except that it wasn’t applicable anymore. At any rate, I 
don’t fully understand what the patch is actually doing, so it’s a bit 
difficult to assess whether it’s still necessary to me. (Help would be 

Other than that, I did verify the other two patches, and it seems the regexes 
they were patching have already been fixed upstream!

> Could you explain why the empty .a files need special treatment?  In the end, 
> it seems we’re copying them to the “static” output anyway, so why not let 
> them in ‘files’?

Those files need to be present in both the ‘static’ and ‘out’ outputs, whereas 
without considering them specially, they would be moved to the ‘static’ output 
(with ‘rename-file’ as opposed to ‘copy-file’). Is a comment worthwhile? What 
should I write? I could explain the change in glibc that made those into empty 
‘.a’ files and link to the changelog. Is that enough?

> This should be done in a separate patch.

That is fine. Though I will note that the previous version of m4 did not work 
with the updated glibc, so I think it would make sense to updated it *before* 
updating glibc in the commit history. Do I need to verify whether the newer 
version works with the previous glibc too?

> Like Maxime wrote, please start the patch with a short comment explaining 
> what it does, and with a link to the upstream commit or bug report.

I’m still confused about what I should link to. I can write a comment 
explaining the issues and link to the IRC conversation we held, or maybe even 
to this thread. But I don’t think there actually is “an upstream commit or bug 
report” that I could link to.

> One last thing: could you use ‘git format-patch’ and (optionally) ‘git 
> send-email’ to send a revised patch?

I definitely don’t mind investigating using those tools more carefully! I think 
I can prepare and send another patch once my questions are clarified.

- - -

Apologies to Maxime and Ludovic for the repeated messages once again and to 
others for taking so long to respond. I’m still getting familiar with sending 
emails properly!

At any rate, thank you for looking into it!

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