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[bug#55797] Update emacs-ox-hugo

From: Tobias Geerinckx-Rice
Subject: [bug#55797] Update emacs-ox-hugo
Date: Sat, 04 Jun 2022 22:29:43 +0200

Hi kiasoc5,

Pushed with the following fixes:
- Added the propagated-inputs change to the emacs-ox-hugo commit message. - Moved the 2 new packages from the very end of the file. emacs-xyz.scm is a mess with no clear alphabetical order, but I tried.
- Re-indented them with Emacs.
- Fixed descriptions to start with a full sentence, not a fragment, and use double-spacing between sentences. Also used proper Texinfo mark-up (e.g., \"…\" and @{} → @code{…}).
- Probably forgot something obvious.

Please take note of these changes, and don't forget to run ‘guix lint’ on new packages.



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