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[bug#55612] [PATCH 0/2] Update guile-hall to 0.4.1.

From: Taiju HIGASHI
Subject: [bug#55612] [PATCH 0/2] Update guile-hall to 0.4.1.
Date: Sat, 04 Jun 2022 07:24:49 +0900
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Hi Ludovic,

Thank you for the comment!

>How about one of these two options:
>  1. Provide both versions of guile-config, use the old one in GWL, at
>     the risk of preventing installation of guile-hall + gwl in the same
>     profile (which is probably not much of a problem in practice).
>  2. Patch GWL so it works with the latest guile-config.
>That should unblock the situation.  WDYT?

The second option is preferable and is currently being worked on.

I have the patch reviewed for adequacy.


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