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[bug#55762] [PATCH] Upgrade linux-pam to 1.5.2

From: Tobias Geerinckx-Rice
Subject: [bug#55762] [PATCH] Upgrade linux-pam to 1.5.2
Date: Thu, 02 Jun 2022 20:16:27 +0200


Felix Lechner 写道:
For my work in making PAM configurable in Guile, I rely on the foreign function interface (FFI). The automatic generation of that interface
requires Pkgconfig files. Those files are not available in Guix.
Linux-PAM started shipping them in the release after the one we have.
The attached patch upgrades linux-pam to version 1.5.2.

Thanks for working on both!

The changes are further documented in the commit message.

And thanks for writing a clear commit message.  A few thoughts:

- The ‘gnu: foo: Update to x.y.z’ messages you see in the Guix commit history are standardised. The format's documented in the GNU ‘(standards)Change Logs’ info page, but just take a stroll through the history to get a feel for the majority of cases.

- Don't feel obligated to explain why you're upgrading a package, although you're free to do so if you like (it was interesting and I learnt something).

Assuming no regressions, we always prefer to ship newer versions of things.

- And finally, a personal windmill of mine:

The extra argument to ./configure is needed to sidestep an issue

belongs in the code, where your fellow hackers can see it, not buried in the commit log where $nobody will:

;; Work around <>.

As you might now, this update rebuilds a good part of the world and will have to pass through the core-updates branch…

 $ guix refresh -l linux-pam | cut -d: -f1

I am new to Guix and already use the new version of linux-pam locally (via Guix System) but I was unable to test the patch according to the
requirements and recommendations listed for this submission. [1]

…so it's impressive if you rebuilt most of your entire system based on the new nyacc/linux-pam packages.

What still needs to be done, and which problems did you encounter?

Kind regards,


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