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[bug#55763] [PATCH] Upgrade nyacc to 1.07.0

From: Felix Lechner
Subject: [bug#55763] [PATCH] Upgrade nyacc to 1.07.0
Date: Thu, 2 Jun 2022 05:14:53 -0700

Control: tags -1 + patch


For my work in making PAM configurable in Guile, I rely on the foreign
function interface (FFI). The automatic generation of that interface
requires the compile-ffi script in nyacc. Unfortunately, the highest
version we ship suffers from a bug that prevents the script from
running on the pam_client.h header in linux-pam.  This patch upgrades
nyacc to the version Matt Wette released after committing the fix.

The changes are further documented in the commit message.

I am new to Guix and already use the new version of linux-pam locally
(via Guix System) but I was unable to test the patch according to the
requirements and recommendations listed for this submission. [1]

This email was sent to -devel in lieu of -mentors, which does not
exist. Any guidance is much appreciated. Thanks for taking a look!

KInd regards
Felix Lechner


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