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[bug#52068] [PATCH] [core-updates-frozen] gnu: libostree: Build with lib

From: John Kehayias
Subject: [bug#52068] [PATCH] [core-updates-frozen] gnu: libostree: Build with libsoup 2.
Date: Tue, 23 Nov 2021 23:13:04 +0000


libostree should be built with libsoup-2 (doesn't support libsoup 3 currently) 
to have HTTP support. This was noticed due to Flatpak updates failing with 
"This version of ostree was built without libsoup or libcurl, and cannot fetch 
over HTTP". In the build log of ostree (eg ) you can see that it will report 
no HTTP backend with libsoup 3, but properly shows libsoup when libsoup-2 is 
provided as an input as in this patch.

I've checked libostree builds and that Flatpak built with this version 
successfully can download over HTTP. Thanks to jackhill on IRC for spotting the 
configuration error of ostree when we both hit the Flatpak update bug.

(Also, I added my copyright line as I forgot it on earlier Flatpak updates 
around the p11-kit workaround and version updates.)

Happily running on core-updates-frozen,

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