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[bug#52028] [core-updates-frozen] [PATCH] gnu: python-nautilus: Remove p

From: John Kehayias
Subject: [bug#52028] [core-updates-frozen] [PATCH] gnu: python-nautilus: Remove package.
Date: Sun, 21 Nov 2021 21:23:29 +0000

Rather than open a bug report for a soon-to-be-removed package, I'm attaching 
the diff here. Please do not apply it.

I added a few packages that were needed as I made changes and updates, in case 
this is useful to someone down the line. I also did a hacky workaround of 
python-nautilus having some template files getting compiled that probably 
should be skipped. Copying them to /tmp and back afterward was probably not how 
we should do it, but again, in case someone wants to revive this package. I 
should note that build failure was new on core-updates-frozen and this diff 
fails on the sanity-check.

Again, the actual patch is in the first message, this is just a diff in case 
someone wants to revive python-nautilus (though check again, probably want 
nautilus-python from Gnome).


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