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bug#51944: [PATCH] Shell2Batch: New Package

From: Julien Lepiller
Subject: bug#51944: [PATCH] Shell2Batch: New Package
Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2021 23:46:35 +0100

Thanks for the patch! Pushed to master as

I took the liberty to fix some parts of it that didn't correspond to
our standards. Have a look at the packaging guidelines in the manual to
better understand:

First, I renamed the patch file to rust-shell2batch-lint-fix.patch, so
it starts with the name of the package. I also modified a little bit
your message in the patch, to reference the issue there too, format at
80 lines and simplify the wording. I also added the patch file to
dist_patch_DATA, in gnu/ Whenever you add a patch file, please
make sure to add a reference in gnu/ This is necessary for
correctly generating the release tarballs.

Then, I fixed a few things in the package itself: I replaced tabs with
spaces and removed the empty line at the end of the file. I changed the
synopsis a bit so it better aligns with the rest of guix and removed
the period at the end. I also changed the description, mostly to wrap
it at 80 characters.

Finally, I fixed the commit message so it respects our conventions.
You'll find more info in the link above, and a lot of examples in the
git log history.

Some of these issues would have been caught by "guix lint
rust-shell2batch", I encourage you to run it on your next submissions :)

Have fun with guix :D

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