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[bug#48314] Install guix system on Raspberry Pi

From: phodina
Subject: [bug#48314] Install guix system on Raspberry Pi
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2021 14:00:20 +0000

Hi Stefan,

I've attempted to cross compile the system on x86_64 machine and I must report 
here are still several issue.

- Firstly it has to be attempted off the branch core-updates as there is the 
latest packaged meson build system which allows cross compilation.

guix system: error: gnu/packages/glib.scm:172:2: glib@2.62.6: build system 
`meson' does not support cross builds

Note that a minor issue happens when applying your patches on top of 
core-updates is patch-04 failing due to collision in the header with your email 
- Secondly there are some packages that need to be patched. See the attached 

- Thirdly there is some issue in the optional test cases in the package lsof 
which fail if executed on btrfs (unfortunately that's my case so I disabled 
them, just the optional part).

If I apply all the changes I can build the system.

- However, that brings me to the last issue. There is a package efivar which 
does not build. The issue there is described here [1].

Then again I haven't actually ran the system on Raspberry Pi itself. I'll 
attempt to setup Debian and build it natively as you suggested.

Kind regards

PS: Sorry Stefan for the late answer


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