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[bug#51565] PATCH: Update Yggdrasil to new protocol (important breaking

From: pukkamustard
Subject: [bug#51565] PATCH: Update Yggdrasil to new protocol (important breaking changes)
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2021 14:10:46 +0000

Thanks for this!

Some minor changes may be needed to make the linter happy:

raingloom <> writes:


> [3. text/x-patch; 0002-gnu-Add-go-github-com-rivo-uniseg.patch]...

Linter complains that a line is too long:

gnu/packages/golang.scm:8885:0: go-github-com-rivo-uniseg@0.2.0: line 8885 is 
way too long (93 characters)

> [4. text/x-patch; 0003-gnu-Add-go-github-com-mattn-go-runewidth.patch]...

Linter complains about the synopsis. Maybe: "Go functions for getting
fixed width of characters or strings"?

Does seem like a bit of a duplication of the description...

> [5. text/x-patch; 0004-gnu-go-github-com-cheggaaa-pb-Update-to-3.0.8.patch]...
> [6. text/x-patch; 
> 0005-gnu-Rename-go-github-com-cheggaaa-pb-to-go-github-co.patch]...
> [7. text/x-patch; 0006-gnu-Add-go-github-com-arceliar-ironwood.patch]...

Lines in descriptions are too long and should be wrapped.

A synopsis is required. Maybe: "Ironwood is a Go network routing library
using cryptographic keys as addresses"?

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