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[bug#51772] Binder kernel module missing

From: phodina
Subject: [bug#51772] Binder kernel module missing
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 2021 05:44:20 +0000


> > Unfortunately, as stated above the binder interface is missing. I
> >
> > looked for the kernel module but couldn't find it.
> How did you search? find(1)? Are you running the customised kernel?
> > As the
> >
> > /proc/config.gz is not present I can't verify it's enabled.
> You can. The Linux kernel configuration is at
> /run/booted-system/kernel/.config, not /proc/config.gz. What does it
> report for 'grep ANDROID'?

So I use the following command to reconfigure the system:

$ sudo -E ./pre-inst-env guix system build/laptop-rocinante.scm
$ grep ANDROID /gnu/store/dqp07qd42wicv9q80wplr3hd20ha5a3r-system/kernel/.config

Also in the GRUB menu I can see the kernel with the Waydroid suffix.

In the config I specify the kernel with the following s-exp:

(kernel linux-libre-with-waydroid)

Yes I was looking for the binder module "*binder*.ko" with find.
> > It could be do the the extended match-lambda expression
> I can't parse this, sorry.

Sorry for making it not clear.

The there is one option in the kernel that needs to be enabled which is of type 


However, current implementation of config->string does not handle strings and 
numbers as you can see below.

gnu/packages/linux.scm (v1.3.0-8241-g5592058e9d)
   725  (define (config->string options)
   726    (string-join (map (match-lambda
   727                        ((option . 'm)
   728                         (string-append option "=m"))
   729                        ((option . #t)
   730                         (string-append option "=y"))
   731                        ((option . #f)
   732                         (string-append option "=n")))
   733                      options)
   734                 "\n"))

Therefore I made the first patch to add the support.

Nevertheless, even if I complile the linux kernel without this patch and 
without the CONFIG_ANDROID_BINDER_DEVICES (due to string value) the binder is 
not present.

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