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[bug#51512] [PATCH v 2]: gnu: Add bash-bcu.

From: david larsson
Subject: [bug#51512] [PATCH v 2]: gnu: Add bash-bcu.
Date: Tue, 09 Nov 2021 13:32:28 +0100

On 2021-11-07 13:40, Tobias Geerinckx-Rice wrote:

Thank you!

(One fire's out, you'll be glad to hear, so in return here's most of a
review.  I still reserve the right to tinker with the hunk below —
you'll see which — later today.)

Thanks for the review, it feels like I learn a lot from this :-)

Not sure if u intended to attach ur modified version of the patch when you replied or not. I have however made the changes you suggested in a version2 and attached.


+               (display
+                (string-append
+ "[[ \"$_BCU_SH_LOADED\" == YES ]] || { \nexport PATH=\""
+                 pathline "${PATH:+:}${PATH}\"\nexport PYTHONPATH=\""
+ pylibsline "${PYTHONPATH:+:}${PYTHONPATH}\"\nexport GUILE_LOAD_PATH=\"" + g-bash-lib "${GUILE_LOAD_PATH:+:}${GUILE_LOAD_PATH}\"\n" + ;; XDG_DATA_DIRS needs set for yad to load icons properly + "[[ -e /run/current-system/profile/share ]] && export XDG_DATA_DIRS=" + "/run/current-system/profile/share${XDG_DATA_DIRS:+:}${XDG_DATA_DIRS}\n"
+                 ;; Ensure that the setuid version of ping is used
+                 "[[ -e /run/setuid-programs/ping ]] && "
+ "ping(){ /run/setuid-programs/ping \"$@\" ; } && export -f ping\n"
+                 "[[ -e /run/setuid-programs/ping6 ]] && "
+ "ping6(){ /run/setuid-programs/ping6 \"$@\" ; } && export -f ping6\n}\n")
+                bcu-port)
+ (display (string-append "source " libexec "/\n") bcu-port)
+               (close-port bcu-port)

[So this is the part I was waiting to finish :-) I still don't have time now.]

I really want to rewrite this whole block, but for now I just have 1
question: why not simply append /run/setuid-programs to the start of
$PATH here?  What's the difference, if any, and do we care?

Basically just to make minimal disruption of the the current environment when you source Almost certainly a non-issue 99.9% of cases, i.e. I think that just prepending /run/setuid-programs to PATH would be fine as well.

+      (license license:gpl3))))

Why not lgpl3+?  I can't find the gpl3-only file(s).

I really don't know enough about licensing to answer this very well unfortunately.. bash-coding-utils is to a large extent a remix of stackoverflow contributions (CC-BY-SA-4.0) and other small libraries, some of which have GPLv3+ stated at the top (e.g. src/csv/csv/csv.scm). I want to apply whatever license must be applied based on the included software and SO snippets. If it needs to be lgpl3+ or GPLv3 in the end does not matter much to me (Im the author of bash-coding-utils).

Best regards,

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