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[bug#51548] [PATCH] services: Create /run and /var/run on activation.

From: Tom Fitzhenry
Subject: [bug#51548] [PATCH] services: Create /run and /var/run on activation.
Date: Thu, 4 Nov 2021 18:00:18 +1100
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Having thought about this patch some more, I think it can be better done.

On 1/11/21 22:39, Tom Fitzhenry wrote:
                        ;; thus there is no accounting at all.
+                      (mkdir-p "/var/run")

This line will create /var/run if it doesn't exist during activation. This is safe, but there is already code that creates /var/run : . This runs on installation.

By adding this line, this responsibility is split across two parts of the code base: installation and activation. This could cause confusion.

If, as this patch intends, we want to be able to boot from just /boot, /gnu and /var/guix, perhaps we should move (and surrounding code) from running at install-time to running at activation-time.

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