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bug#51541: [PATCH] services: configuration: Fix interpose implementation

From: Oleg Pykhalov
Subject: bug#51541: [PATCH] services: configuration: Fix interpose implementation.
Date: Mon, 01 Nov 2021 17:48:26 +0300
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Hi Andrew,

Andrew Tropin <> writes:

> * gnu/services/configuration.scm (interpose, serialize-text-config): Fix
> interpose implementation, move file-like object code to
> serialize-text-config.
> ---
> This gexp reading file-like object content doesn't belong to interpose
> function, moved that part of code out of it.
>  gnu/services/configuration.scm | 16 +++++++++++-----
>  1 file changed, 11 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-)

Pushed to master.


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