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[bug#49123] [PATCH 09/24] gnu: python-hyperframe: Update to 6.0.1.

From: Maxime Devos
Subject: [bug#49123] [PATCH 09/24] gnu: python-hyperframe: Update to 6.0.1.
Date: Sat, 24 Jul 2021 20:42:44 +0200
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Vinicius Monego schreef op za 24-07-2021 om 18:30 [+0000]:
> Em sáb, 2021-07-24 às 17:22 +0200, Maxime Devos escreveu:
> > The
> > dependency 'python-hypercorn' now fails to compile (*).  Aside from
> > that, this
> > patch LGTM.  This build failure seems to be caused by the update of
> > python-h11
> > (and not python-hyperframe), however.
> That is true (see [1]). python-hypercorn will build again if updated to
> the latest version.

Ok, we'll have to apply the '48263' patch before the '49123' patch series
then.  FWIW, the '48263' patch looks good to me, but I only looked at
the patch itself and didn't do any other checks.

A comment about the commit message though:
> * gnu/packages/python-web.scm (hypercorn): Update to 0.11.2.
> (python-h11): Update to 0.12.0.
> [arguments]: Add 'test-target' keyword. Do not replace check phase.
> [native-inputs]: Add python-pytest-runner.
> ---
> Both packages have to updated at the same time
> or the hypercorn tests will fail (if either is updated first). I
> rebuilt the h11 dependents succesfully.

Why not include this rationale in the commit message itself?

> [1]


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