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[bug#49471] [PATCH] gnu: lld: Update to 12.0.0.

From: terramorpha
Subject: [bug#49471] [PATCH] gnu: lld: Update to 12.0.0.
Date: Thu, 08 Jul 2021 17:39:48 -0400
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Hi guix. While updating my personal package definition of zig to 0.8.0, I had to write one for lld@12 too. (IIUC, only llvm and clang were upgraded to 12, I couldn't find lld when `guix search`-ing)

Anyway, the release tarball assumes that it will be unpacked and built in the same directory as the libunwind source. This is why at build time, I added a phase to patch the CMakeLists.txt and make it look for libunwind in a specific place.


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