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[bug#49293] [PATCH] isc-dhcp: Fix dhclient-script wrapper when cross-com

From: Mathieu Othacehe
Subject: [bug#49293] [PATCH] isc-dhcp: Fix dhclient-script wrapper when cross-compiling.
Date: Thu, 08 Jul 2021 23:00:14 +0200
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Hey Maxime,

> Yes, indeed.  It seems like the same thing needs to be done for 
> libexec/.dhclient-script.
> Also, I'm not sure if using 'canonical-package' is the right thing.
> I wonder when 'canonical-package' is supposed to be used.

There's at least one issue with canonical-package that is discussed

The problem is that having for instance the canonical and non-canonical
package "coreutils" in a package or system closure, will significantly
increase its size.

> (Somewhat unrelated) I'll rebase the meson patch on core-updates and try to
> cross-compile some qt application and run it under qemu.  

I put the cross-compilation effort aside lately, it's really great to
see you bringing real progress on that front.



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