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[bug#46806] [PATCH] gnu: ocaml-4.07: Bootstrap.

From: Julien Lepiller
Subject: [bug#46806] [PATCH] gnu: ocaml-4.07: Bootstrap.
Date: Sun, 28 Feb 2021 03:09:05 +0100

Le Sat, 27 Feb 2021 00:13:39 +0100,
Julien Lepiller <> a écrit :

> Hi Guix!
> This small series adds camlboot, a project to reimplement a bootstrap
> for OCaml, which lets us remove the pre-built boot/ocaml{c,lex} :)
> The first patch builds the bootstraped ocamlc and ocamllex. This takes
> around 4 hours to build. The second patch rebuilds them using the
> source code for ocaml 4.07.1, instead of the modified sources used in
> camlboot, and reuse them to run the main Makefile (make world.opt).
> As a result, we have identical files for this bootstrap and the
> unbootstrapped OCaml (up to output store paths and hash of some files
> that get embedded in native files, which differ because of the
> different output path).

Here's the second version of the series: the first patch is unchanged,
the second patch is slightly better: the bootstrap ocaml 4.07 now run
"make alldepends" to generate all the .depend files, and installs them
to its output at share/depends. Then, ocaml-4.07 simply copies the
bootstrap data from this package (ocamlc, ocamllex, ocamlrun and all
the .depends) that were deleted from the archive, since they were
pre-generated. I feel much better about this patch than the previous
one. Thoughts?

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