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bug#46637: gnu: Add obs-websocket.

From: Nicolas Goaziou
Subject: bug#46637: gnu: Add obs-websocket.
Date: Sat, 27 Feb 2021 12:53:01 +0100
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David Wilson <> writes:

> Here's a patch that adds the OBS Studio plugin 'obs-websocket' to enable
> remote control of a running OBS session.  It's been a while since I
> submitted a patch so let me know if I missed anything.

Thank you! 

I changed license to gpl2+ since ".cpp" files indicates "(at your
option) any later version." and applied your patch.

I see (recursive #t) is pulling asio. Would it be possible to unbundle
it and use your own instead?

For now, I'm closing this bug report.

Nicolas Goaziou

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