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From: zimoun
Subject: [bug#46643]
Date: Wed, 24 Feb 2021 16:40:50 +0100

Hi Léo,

On Wed, 24 Feb 2021 at 15:28, Léo Le Bouter via Guix-patches via
<> wrote:

> Also, your upgrade of ghc-protolude broke the purescript build which
> depends on ghc-protolude<0.2.4 so I created a secondary ghc-protolude-
> 0.2 package that purescript now depends on.

Usually, IIUC, the Haskell packages follows one LTS.  And there are
updated in one go to avoid the Cabal Hell.  Well, the current
%default-lts-version is 14.27 which has protolude at 0.2.3 [1].  LTS
14.27 supports GHC 8.6 which is the default current ghc in Guix.
Using LTS 17.4 seems a bad idea since it supports GHC 8.10 which is
not yet included in Guix.  Therefore, ghc-protolude should not be
updated and ghc-protolude-0.2 should not be added, neither.  Or I am
missing something.  Except corner cases, please keep the Haskell
packages consistent with one LTS.  The linter should warn about this
but it does not; I have not investigated why.

If greenclip cannot be built with ghc-protolude@0.2.3, please let the
"define-public ghc-protolude" at 0.2.3 and instead define
ghc-protolude-0.3.  As it is done for ghc-atomic-write or
ghc-generic-random or ghc-prettyprinter or ghc-repline.


1: <>

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