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[bug#45692] ZFS on Guix, again

From: 宋文武
Subject: [bug#45692] ZFS on Guix, again
Date: Sat, 20 Feb 2021 19:44:34 +0800
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raid5atemyhomework <> writes:

> Hi guix-devel,
> I had some questions on the big ZFS guix bugpatches a week ago, and
> did not find any response, so I am back here pestering everyone.

Hello, thank you for working on ZFS for guix!

> [...]
> There are two alternatives:
> * Go with what I already proposed which I think is more general-purpose and 
> cleaner (there is a separate service type that accepts symbols, and a 
> separate service type that accepts `<file-system>` records, and the latter 
> just extends the former).
> * Don't make a separate service type, but now we need to add some kind of 
> `fstab?` field to `file-system` so that the ZFS shepherd service that mounts 
> ZFS file systems will not be included in the `/etc/fstab`.
> I think overall that having lots of tiny service types that are then
> combined together fits the functional design of Guix better.  So I
> would strongly propose my original design rather than hacks on top of
> `file-system-service-type`.

Well, I think the 'file-system-service-type' should handle all file
systems related configurations, but my opion is not strong.  Waiting
ludo to decide...

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