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[bug#46564] [PATCH core-updates]: Use autoconf-wrapper instead of autoco

From: Maxime Devos
Subject: [bug#46564] [PATCH core-updates]: Use autoconf-wrapper instead of autoconf
Date: Tue, 16 Feb 2021 19:10:17 +0100

Hi Guix,

This patch replaces autoconf with autoconf-wrapped in the native-inputs
almost everywhere (except for some packages in
gnu/packages/autotools.scm).  As this would cause many rebuilds, this
patch targets the "core-updates" branch and not "master".

A wine package has autoconf in the inputs instead of native-inputs,
I wonder if that's intentional or a bug?  I left that package untouched
for now.

Why this change?

* consistency / reducing confusion: some packages use autoconf, some use
  autoconf-wrapper, and there's no (to me) obvious reason why two variants
  of autoconf should be used.

* <whatever pro's nckx had in mind on #guix>

* some progress towards booting without /bin/sh

  Scenario I have in mind (untested):

  1. boot a system that doesn't have /bin/sh
  2. decide to hack on guix (run git clone ...., cd $REPO)
  3. guix environment guix
  4. sh ./bootstrap (calls autoreconf -vfi)
  5. ./configure --localstatedir=/var
  6. more stuff

  Without this patch, step (5.) will fail without this patch because
  the generated ./configure script refers to /bin/sh, which doesn't

  That said, there are some #!/bin/sh shebangs in the source code,
  so there are some problems in (6.).

Why not?

* ‘make dist’ will produce unusable tarballs
  when in an environment from ‘guix environment PACKAGE’.
  This should now be replaced with ‘guix environment PACKAGE --ad-hoc

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