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[bug#46484] [PATCH 0/4] Update postgresql packages.

From: Leo Famulari
Subject: [bug#46484] [PATCH 0/4] Update postgresql packages.
Date: Sun, 14 Feb 2021 13:59:03 -0500

On Sun, Feb 14, 2021 at 03:10:11PM +0100, Léo Le Bouter wrote:
> > Can you make sure they (or some of them) still pass?
> I ran this:
> $ TESTS="postgresql zabbix guix-data-service" ./pre-inst-env guix build
> -m etc/system-tests.scm 
> And it did complete successfully!
> /gnu/store/fz735r2c6rxdfjc214zvjayqin4i9aa4-postgresql-test
> /gnu/store/h1pjyfp0bcfsswqcr4dvgsfzmj02p378-guix-data-service-test
> /gnu/store/5xpdc8gmj5cbglm6dblasrl61m4w1xvz-zabbix-test
> However, cuirass test did not work with an unrelated error:
> $ TESTS="cuirass" ./pre-inst-env guix build -m etc/system-tests.scm 
> guix build: warning: failed to load '(gnu tests cuirass)':
> In procedure abi-check: #<record-type <cuirass-remote-worker-
> configuration>>: record ABI mismatch; recompilation needed
> Selected 0 system tests...

Usually this means you should do `make clean-go && make`, to delete the
compiled Guile objects and rebuild everything with the new ABI.

I'll try it on a powerful server and report back shortly.

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