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[bug#46484] [PATCH 0/4] Update postgresql packages.

From: Leo Famulari
Subject: [bug#46484] [PATCH 0/4] Update postgresql packages.
Date: Sat, 13 Feb 2021 13:27:10 -0500

On Sat, Feb 13, 2021 at 08:53:10AM +0100, Léo Le Bouter via Guix-patches via 
> They all build successfully.


There are some system tests that exercise postgres, both postgresql-10
and postgresql. Can you make sure they (or some of them) still pass?

Maybe something like this:

`make check-system TESTS="postgresql zabbix guix-data-service cuirass"

If you aren't sure which tests to try, grep in 'gnu/tests' for
"postgres" and poke around.

And let us know if you don't have the computing resources to run them.
I can test the patches on the build farm in that case.

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