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[bug#46458] [PATCH] gnu: emacs-company: Update to 0.9.13-0.5c25e11.

From: Michael Rohleder
Subject: [bug#46458] [PATCH] gnu: emacs-company: Update to 0.9.13-0.5c25e11.
Date: Fri, 12 Feb 2021 17:31:48 +0100
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Hey Noah,

Noah Evans via Guix-patches via <> writes:
> The version of emacs-evil-collection in guix relies on the
> company-tng-mode, which isn't in the most recent release of
> emacs-company, so I'm submitting this patch to bump emacs-company to
> the latest git commit.

I noticed that too, but the check (and error) could also be avoided with
(setq evil-collection-company-use-tng nil)
before loading company.

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